Institutional structure

National Coordination Unit – NCU

Ministry of Regional Development acts as the NCU. The NCU, has the overall responsibility of the Swiss Contribution, together with the Monitoring Committee. The NCU, acting as Intermediate Body for the PSRP, plans and organizes the process of the orientation and implementation of the above programme. It leads, based on The Conceptual Elements for a Polish-Swiss Research Programme (approved as the Project Outline), the development of a comprehensive programme document and final programme proposal to be submitted to Switzerland for the financing request. After consultation with the Ministry for Higher Education and Research and the Swiss side the NCU appoints an Executing Agency (operator) for the management of the Programme. At a later stage, the NCU supervises the Programme’s implementation and ensures an efficient and correct use of the funds under the Contribution in accordance with the Framework Agreement.

The NCU designates the Polish members of the Joint Selection Committee. SDC/SCO designate the Swiss representatives of the Committee.

Executing Agency – EA

The Polish – Swiss Research Programme shall be managed by the Information Processing Institute (IPI) acting as the Executing Agency, appointed with the recommendation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. IPC in Warsaw is the legal entity subordinated to the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

IPC manages the Programme. Main management tasks encompass:

• preparation of the call,

• launching of the call,

• collecting of the applications,

• organizing the assessment and selection according to the defined procedures and structures,

• making contractual arrangements with the selected Project partners,

• providing reporting and payment claims to the NCU,

• providing consolidated reporting to the NCU,

• monitoring the Projects.

In particular, the Executing Agency shall:

• organize call for and collect Project proposals, review compliance with the requirements for Project proposals and assess the quality of applications submitted;

• submit Project proposals with appraisal reports to the NCU;

• sign Grant Agreements with Beneficiaries;

• supervise and steer the implementation of Projects in accordance with the Grant Agreements and carry out the necessary controls;

• check the invoices or the documents of equivalent value received from Beneficiaries, verify the authenticity and correctness of submitted documents as well as the eligibility of costs on payment claims;

• certify invoices or the documents of equivalent value and submit certified invoices or documents of equivalent value to the NCU or to the Paying Authority;

• report to the NCU on the progress of Programme’s and Projects’ implementation; Consolidated Interim Reports, Annual Reports and a Completion Report are to be submitted at the Programme level on the base of similar reports at the Project level;

• monitor if the Project audit has been performed before finishing of the project;

• check for irregularities and report them to the NCU;

• ensure storing of all relevant documents related to Projects implemented within the Polish – Swiss Research Programme for 10 years after the completion of the Programme;

• agree with Beneficiaries in writing justified amendments to the implementation of agreed Projects within the limits defined in the respective Grant Agreements;

• ensure the information and promotion campaign on the Polish – Swiss Research Programme.

The PSRP Secretariat – created within the structures of the IPI – will fulfil the aforementioned tasks.

Additionally, the Secretariat will support all activities of appraisal experts making peer reviews and the Joint Selection Committee.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) / Swiss Contribution Office (SCO)

SDC/SCO has been appointed in the Conceptual Elements for a Polish – Swiss Research Program as the institutional partner on the Swiss side for NCU and other actors in the implementation and management system of the Polish – Swiss Research Programme.

Its function is to:

• administrate the Programme on the Swiss side,

• facilitate contacts, assure the liaison and the networking between partners,

• inform and give advice to partners on procedures and conditions of the Contribution,

• transmit official information and proposals to and from the Swiss authorities,

• organise, together with the NCU, missions of Swiss delegations,

• participate in meetings on the overall Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme,

• provide information to the general public on the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme and the Contribution,

• participate as observer in the Joint Selection Committee.


Logo Swiss Contribution
Logo - Polish-Swiss Research Programme
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Project supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union

Logo Swiss Contribution
Logo - Polish-Swiss Research Programme
Logo - National Information Processing Institute

Project supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union

National Information Processing Institute, al. Niepodległości 188 b, 00-608 Warsaw, Poland, phone: +48 22 57 01 400, fax: +48 22 825 33 19, e-mail:

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